Learn About Our Indoor Plant Installation and Maintenance Company

As humans we are consciously and subconsciously affected by everything that touches our five sense. There is no better time than now to ensure that our interior world enhances our wellbeing. Many studies prove that living plants make indoor air healthier, decrease stress levels, reduce noise, and increase worker productivity. Customer feel refreshed and energized when they see lush green foliage. Plants lend an aura that welcomes clients and instills a sense of quality, and there is no substitute for the beauty and serenity that live plants bring to an otherwise stark interior landscape. Take a few moments to explore the possibilities! 

Plant Magic is a locally owned interior plant care service, with clients throughout the Michiana area and beyond. 

We focus on interior plants but also do outdoor seasonal flowers, such as a couple of round planters outside an entrance. We have the knowledge to put the right plants in the right places and keep them looking beautiful! Our trained technicians provide regular, thorough maintenance, including watering fertilizing, cleaning and proper pruning. 

We are an environmentally conscious company, and make an effort to reduce waste, compost our clipping and old plants, and use organic products as much as possible. Consultations are always free, as we love to talk about plants! So don’t hesitate to call (574) 309-2268.